The Soul on the Ceiling

Anthea Wynn


194 pages

Published by: Celestial Revelations

Dimensions:  210mm x 140mm

Weight: 500g

ISBN: 978-0-9953642-7-1


Understand your very soul… This book could change everything you believe. What actually is a soul? How many souls can we have in one life? Why are identical twins complete carbon copies of each other? What are the physical signs of our past lives? How many past lives can we have? Six years ago, Anthea Wynn discovered a new-found ability to channel. Since then her discarnate story-tellers have included archangels, ascended masters and significant humans. In this first book, Saint-Germaine answers every conceivable question on life’s most basic component, our soul. The result is a remarkable, thought-provoking and challenging collection of spiritual enlightenments. Ignore them at your peril.